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  • Hybrid Electric excellence

    Fun to drive yet fuel efficient, the Corolla Sedan features Toyota’s fifth-generation Hybrid Electric powertrain. Combining near-silent electric power with a tireless combustion engine, the Corolla Sedan is self-charging for serene, hassle-free driving.

Comfort with control

With its comfortable ride, confidence-inspiring stability and agile handling, the Corolla Sedan is a joy to drive. Its strong core structure, key to the car’s high levels of refinement and safety, is fundamental to it's impressive driving dynamics.

Doing more with less

Toyota has long reimagined mobility, solving problems with new technologies. The new Corolla Sedan’s powerful and responsive Hybrid Electric powertrain offers increased fuel efficiency with lower CO2 emissions.
  • Fifth-generation Hybrid Electric

    The Corolla Sedan is the product of Toyota’s unrivalled Hybrid Electric expertise. With its new Power Control Unit and light, compact and powerful battery, the Corolla Sedan’s fifth-generation Hybrid Electric system is a state-of-the-art powertrain.